(Ed Gregory & Dan Cooper)
Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls are back, announcing on Friday (July 19) that their upcoming 12th studio album, Miracle Pill, is out Sept. 12 via Warner Records. In celebration, the band also unveiled a new single, “Money, Fame & Fortune.”

“You’ve got everything I need/’Cause you’re everything I’m not/You’re the money, fame and fortune/The only thing I want,” the chorus croons over a sweet, mid-tempo rock beat. The single follows the title track.

“I wanted to do something bold and bright”, said guitarist John Rzeznick about the record in a press statement. “I wanted to sing about the need for human connection and the constant change we go through as people. This piece of work embodies those themes and I think we can all relate.”

Fans can pre-order Miracle Pill here and limited edition merch bundles are also available through the band’s online store here.

You can hear a preview of the new song at the source here: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8521895/goo-goo-dolls-album-miracle-pill-new-single-money-fame