Harry Styles breaks hearts, saves lives and, last night, helped a girl come out.

The British pop star and heart throb visited San Jose’s SAP Center on Wednesday, the third from last on his global tour.

Styles, who admitted he was still “emotional” after his national team’s semi-finals loss in the soccer World Cup, made everyone else in the room feel emotional when he helped a fan come out.

According to social media accounts, the former One Direction star paused at a fan whose sign read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you.” Styles leaned in, asked the mom’s name, and let the audience know: “Tina, she’s gay.”

Harry also had an amusing moment with a pregnant fan. The gender of her unborn child was a mystery to everyone, though the singer had an idea. “Congratulations to Rachel and your son,” he predicted, before leading a round of “Happy Birthday.” Twitter loved it and Styles was trending through the night.

Source : Billboard