An expecting couple in Detroit will have a great Harry Styles story to tell their first child.

Taking a chatty break between “Anna” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” on Tuesday night at Little Caesars Arena, Styles shouted out to a pair of friends, Taylor and Lauren, who were sitting in the crowd, pointing to their location. He acknowledged Lauren’s pregnancy, then noticed Taylor was not in his seat. Told he had gone to the bathroom, Styles opted to wait for him, talking to other sides of the arena until he returned. He then asked Lauren how many concerts she had attended since becoming pregnant; Told it was just one, he exulted, “Baby’s first concert” before rubbing his un-pregnant stomach in solidarity.

Once everyone was where they should be, Styles led the Detroit crowd in singing congratulations to the couple, to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” He also asked the expectant mother, “Need a seat? Want water? Need to eat some chalk? I hear people do that when they’re pregnant.” The bit ended with Styles announcing, “I’m gonna sing a song now, ’cause that’s the point of coming to a concert.”

Source : Billboard