Two of the most iconic names in pop — Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart — dropped by What What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday (March 21) to talk about their upcoming co-headlining tour, Lauper’s recent memorable performance alongside Kesha at the Grammy Awards and, of course, witch doctors.

The singers discussed some of their most memorable moments from past tours, including a show to which Lauper needed a police escort and a five million-person crowd that evidently made Stewart feel a little uneasy. “Before the show, an hour, I’d eaten some food and I had stomach issues,” Stewart detailed. “I was in a real bad state and they called a witch doctor. He gave me a jab and I was all right… just about.”

After host Cohen opened up the floor for audience questions, a viewer asked Lauper about her performance alongside Kesha at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. “Just being supportive and being there for her was important,” Lauper answered. “Time is up and that is why I went to support a fellow artist who is female, going through this.”


Source : Billboard