Ed Sheeran‘s enchanting voice and impressive guitar playing are enough to make anyone’s day. But on Monday (Mar. 5), the British superstar took his day-brightening abilities one step further, sending a message to a fan who’s suffering from cancer.

As explained in a BBC video Kelly Dimmock has experienced plenty of tragedy in her life, including the death of her 9-year-old child back in 2005, as well as a miscarriage. Dimmock, a 39-year-old Sheerio, was also recently diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, but has managed to stay strong through Sheeran’s music, specifically his chart topping smash “Perfect.” She explained that her son would sing the lyrics to the song to her whenever she would cry, so she joked, “Well if you learn all the words, maybe Ed will come round for a cup of tea.”

Sheeran got word of Dimmock’s story, and sent her a heartfelt video message: “Hey Kelly, Ed Here. I’m in Perth in the moment but I just heard your story and I’m just sending you a message wishing you lots of love. I hope this makes you smile.”

Source : Billboard