It might be time to carve a heart on a tree reading “BSB + BTS,” now that the Backstreet Boys‘ members revealed that they’re fans of the K-pop group.

Backstreet held a Twitter live Q&A on Tuesday (Feb. 6), and the iconic boy band shared their love for BTS, arguably the most popular boy band in the world today.

After being prompted by a fan to hear their thoughts on the South Korean group, Nick Carter said that not only are BSB fans of the K-pop septet, but they they’ve also heard some unreleased BTS music remixed by Steve Aoki, who Backstreet also said they’ll be working with. The band even invited the younger act to their Vegas residency.

“We are huge fans of BTS, we love them,” said Carter, responding to a question asked by Twitter user @romvnrogers. “Actually, Aoki played us one of their songs that hasn’t been released. It’s a remix that he did in the studio, because we’re actually going to be doing something with Steve Aoki as well. We want to actually invite the guys to our show in Vegas, if you guys want to come. So BTS all the way, baby.”

Source : Billboard