Though the Grammys red carpet might conjure memories of wilder looks — like J.Lo’s infamous plunging Versace outfit from 2000 — it has also become a space for male celebrities to enmesh themselves in the fashion conversation. And thanks to the hyperactive social media ecosystem celebrities now contend with, it might be more a important platform today than ever. Making strong red carpet statements is a surefire way to keep oneself in the conversation, and right now, no one is expressing themselves more articulately and assuredly than Donald Glover, who is up for the evening’s biggest honor with a nomination for album of the year for Awaken, My Love!, the most recent full-length released under his Childish Gambino persona.

“For years, the extent to which men’s red carpet style was adventurous was whether you chose a tux or no tux, tie or no tie, blue or black,” says Yahoo Style features writer Alexandra Mondalek. “Donald seemingly isn’t afraid to play with colors and textures, like purple suits or brown velvet,” she continues. “But he doesn’t feel the need to go for the shock factor, like Jared Leto in a printed cape — something unwearable for most guys.”

While there’ll always be a place for the glammed-out fantasies offered by someone like Leto, men need realistic role models, too. And that’s exactly what Glover has become, offering distinct but approachable looks that consistently land him on best-dressed lists.

Source : Billboard