The families of 118 of those fallen officers were honored May 15 during the National Peace Officer Memorial Service on the west side of the U.S. Capitol.

“No one asked these selfless men and women to enlist in this righteous cause, or to enroll as foot soldiers in the eternal struggle against crime and violence,” President Donald Trump told the audience of more than 30,000 gathered from throughout the world. “They put on the uniform because they believed to the very core of their souls that it was their mission in life to serve and to protect.”

Making his way down the rows of survivors, the President spent nearly two minutes with Darrin’s family and widow, Cathy, greeting her with a firm handshake and a “I’m praying for you.” He also greeted son Chance, daughter Cheryl, brother Dale and Show Low Police Officer Brandon Clark and autographed their name badges. Darrin’s son, Chance, presented a Show Low Police Department patch, which was quickly snatched away by a Secret Service agent. Cathy presented two Forever Remember Reed C56 wrist bands to President Trump. When Vice President Mike Pence reached the family, he was given a memorial wrist band as well, which he proudly displayed for the cameras.

Source : WMI