Elmo’s wish to meet Adele came true Friday (March 10) when the two stars both found themselves in Australia.

On Wednesday, Elmo tweeted at the singer and asked if they could arrange a time to say “Hello.” He also told the hosts of Australian TV show The Project that he’d really like to sing “Rolling in the Deep” with his favorite singer.

“Elmo loves you with all of Elmo’s heart,” the Sesame Street native said on the show. “Elmo wants to sing ‘Rolling In The Deep’ with you. Wherever you are, Elmo will fly there. Call Elmo, thank you.”

Their meeting worked out in Elmo’s favor since Adele happens to be on tour in Australia for the first time. After their hangout, Elmo tweeted, “Elmo’s dreams have come true! Elmo loves you, Miss @adele! #adelmo.”

Source : Billboard