.At the end of August 2016, PIKOTARO uploaded a video called “PPAP (Pen-Pinapple-Apple-Pen)” on YouTube, which instantly went viral thanks in part to Justin Bieber tweeting that it was his “favorite video on the internet.” In October, “PPAP” reached the Billboard Hot 100 (dated October 29), making him the first Japanese artist in 26 years to do so — also setting the record for shortest song to ever land on the chart.

Mr. Kosaka (the comedian Daimao Kosaka, who produces PIKOTARO) said that he was aware of the “concept of comedy” when he and I made this video.

In particular, people nowadays watch videos online on tablets and smartphones, so we made sure the words could be clearly heard from small speakers. And analyzing as PIKOTARO from this point, I don’t think I’m cute in a general sense. I’m a 53-year-old guy with a mustache, after all. And my song isn’t about “love” or “crushes.” So I think one of the reasons why the song became popular is that people felt a sense of incongruity when they saw cute girls imitating something that’s not cute at all.

Source : Billboard