AUGUST 17, 2019

We had an awesome game night this week, as we immensely enjoyed our game and snack.  In addition, we are still fleshing out our characters for Mike’s campaign and world he is creating.  We also finished making characters for a simple hack and slash campaign for our Wednesday group with his family.


Scattergories is a party game where everyone receives a list of 12 items, with things ranging from presidents, to things found in a fridge, or brand names.  You roll the die which has a letter on it, then you have 3 minutes to write down answers to the prompts, and they must all begin with the letter.  If you match anyone else’s answer or people say yours doesn’t fit, you get no points for that solution

ENTERTAINMENT: 7.5 – This game is a ton of fun, and it rewards you for being creative and thinking of unusual answers.  Do what you can to set your response apart, and laugh at what others may have put down.  Shaun gives it an 8, and Mike a 7.

ACCESSIBILITY: 9 – It is easily found in most places on the shelves of a store, even around here on the Mountain.  In addition, the game is super simple to learn.  A unanimous 9 from both of us.

STYLE: 6.5 – The lowest category here, there isn’t much to the packaging or box that sets it apart from other games, especially ones related to word games.  Mike gives it 7, and Shaun a 6.

DIRT & WORMS: 8/10

Dirt & Worms are a dessert that starts with chocolate pudding, then Oreo crumbles are put on top, and gummy worms get inserted into the layers.

TASTE: 8.5 – It’s quite delicious.  Every part of this dessert would be good by itself, but combined makes it fantastic.  8 from Shaun, and Mike says 9.

GAME COMPATIBILITY: 7.5 – This game is a bit easier to eat while playing games since it is contained in a bowl and you use a spoon.  In addition, it doesn’t melt like ice cream does.  Mike calls it 8, and Shaun gives it 7.

SIMPLICITY: 8.5 – Just pick up the ingredients, and throw it all together.  Simple as that.  Shaun says 8, and Mike says 9.

You know you’re a gamer when…you listen to at least 5 different gaming podcasts.

Do you have any suggestions for games to play?  What kind of party snacks do you like to have while playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends?  Are you new to the gaming scene, and have any questions?  Send an email to for any of these, or any comments or other feedback you’d like to give.