OCTOBER 12, 2019

Thank you to our friends Dana, Brianna, and Margarita for supplying is with our game for this week!


Ticket to Ride is a board game where you are trying to get the most points by claiming train routes around the country.  The base game that we played takes place in the USA, but there are also expansions for Europe and elsewhere.  To claim a route between cities, you must play the correct amount of the proper color (which represents the different types of trains).  You also start with at least 2 Destination cards, which either gives you points or costs points depending on if you make a connection between the cities on the card.  On you turn, you either draw up to 2 cards, claim a route, or draw more Destination cards.

ENTERTAINMENT: 8.25 – We enjoyed this game a lot.  It’s fun to try to get the proper color of your hand, and hope that you can take the route before someone else claims it instead and blocks you.  8.5 from Shaun, and Mike says 8.

ACCESSIBILITY: 7.5 – The game is pretty easy to find (in fact, I’ve seen it at our local Walmart in Show Low), and isn’t too difficult to learn.  Shaun calls it 7, and Mike gives it 8.

STYLE: 8 – The board itself is quite colorful, and it’s a pretty accurate representation of the U.S map.  In addition, the score tracker around the edge of the board is a nice addition.  Shaun rates it at 9, amd Mike says 7.


TASTE: 8.5 -This dessert was delicious.  Mike gives it 8, and Shaun 9.

GAME COMPATIBILITY: 8 – Similar to a brownie, it’s pretty simple to eat with your fingers, without much crumbling falling onto the cards.  A unanimous 8 from both of us.

SIMPLICITY: 5.5 – This is the one category that weakened our score.  Grandma made it for us, and it took some serious work.  Shaun says 5, and Mike goes with a 6.

You know you’re a gamer when…you are given gamer clothes and other attire.

Do you have any suggestions for games to play?  What kind of party snacks do you like to have while playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends?  Are you new to the gaming scene, and have any questions?  Send an email to for any of these, or any comments or other feedback you’d like to give.