April 13, 2019

This week, we played a game called “The Resistance.”  This is a bluffing party game for 5-10 people, where some people are in the Resistance, and some people are Spies.  The roles are randomly dealt, and your goal as a Resistance member is to figure out who the spies are and complete missions.  If you’re a Spy, you want to blend in and sabotage missions while causing chaos.  Every round, there is a new Team Leader who picks people to go out on a mission, and everyone votes if they can trust this team or not and want them to proceed.  The Resistance wins if 3 of the 5 missions are a success, and the Spies win if 3 missions are a failure or if there are 5 failed votes in a row (since the Spies have created enough distrust in the group).  This is a fantastic game all about interacting with the other players and sometimes throwing wild accusations around just for fun.  Shaun gives it an 8, and Mike an 8.5.


This week, our gaming meal was chicken, tater tots, and salad.  Since we have rated chicken before, we are rating tater tots this time.  Unfortunately, we can only give tater tots a 5 since it was a plain side and we didn’t do much with them.  We truly believe this would increase by several points if we did something more with them to turn them into a main dish, such as tot nachos, but in they’re initial state, they are lacking in many regards in our opinion.


A huge “thank you” to Danielle, Richard, and the rest of the amazing crew at Denny’s in Show Low for helping out Sue’s Crew with an awesome fundraiser on April 10th from 4-8p.  Along with a fantastic set of raffle prizes (a big shout out to the many other businesses and organizations that donated prizes for the cause) and a fun live auction (where Shaun walked away with a Coconut Creme Pie),  Denny’s also gave Sue’s Crew 15% of their sales during that time frame.  Be sure to try their brand new chorizo burger, strawberry banana hush puppies, and crepes, you will not be disappointed!

You know you’re a gamer when…you are planning your gaming schedule ahead of time (such as Shaun knowing he is going back into “Enter The Gungeon” for the new update after finishing “Hollow Knight”)

Do you have any suggestions for games to play?  What kind of party snacks do you like to have while playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends?  Are you new to the gaming scene, and have any questions?  Send an email to for any of these, or any comments or other feedback you’d like to give.