This is Iron Mike and Shaun


What do you get if you cross the classic card game Speed with the monster-fighting, dungeon-clearing of games like Munchkin?  You get the game we played this week, called 5 Minute Dungeon.  We recommend that anybody who likes quick, intense, cooperative games give this one a try.  Each of the 5 class archetypes have their own special deck of cards to work together to clear the obstacle and monster cards and beat the boss of each dungeon before the timer goes off.  Being too slow or getting too reckless with your special abilities (which means extra cards get discarded) means the party loses, and it’s time to restart.  But, just as the title suggests, this game is easy to set back up and try again.


Don’t forget about the “Cedar Ridge Real Estate” Bowl Over Hunger event.  The whole White Mountain Radio team (along with some special guests such as Kelly Wood with the Pinetop Fire Department and Lynn Lewis herself with the Love Kitchen) will be at Ponderosa Lanes on November 3rd, and all proceeds are going to The Love Kitchen!  If you’d like to make a donation, please email us, or call (928) 368-8100.  We will be accepting monetary donations and non-perishable food items.  Everything is appreciated, and it will ALL go to Lynn Lewis and her fantastic team at the Love Kitchen.  You can talk to any of the staff here, but if you want to pledge for the winning team, be sure to ask for Shaun!  Bowl with some friends and say you’re there for Bowl Over Hunger, and know that the cost for your game goes directly to the Love Kitchen.  We will be doing a live remote from 10 to 1, and you might also have a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Do you have any suggestions for games to play?  What kind of party snacks do you like to have while playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends?  Are you new to the gaming scene, and have any questions?  Send an email to for any of these, or any comments or feedback you’d like to give.