DECEMBER 7, 2019

BLOKUS: 7.5/10

Blokus is a strategy board game where the players compete to cover more territory with their colored pieces than the rest of the players.  There are several variations of pieces, ranging from 1×1 to shapes made up of 5 squares.  You must place your piece so it touches the corner of one you already have down, so this can get really intense as the board gets filled and you start to venture into other people’s corners.

ENTERTAINMENT: 7.5 – It’s a fun game that makes you think.  To succeed, you should be trying to think several moves ahead, similar to what you would do in chess.

ACCESSIBILITY: 9 – The concept is very easy to learn (but hard to master), and it’s available online for around $10.

STYLE: 6 – The game is quite colorful, and the pieces are in some interesting shapes, but beyond that, there’s not much to this game that could be considered stylish.


TASTE: 9 – Cheesecake is always delicious if it’s made right, and we both love it.

GAME COMPATIBILITY: 7.5 – Not too messy, and you can eat it with a plate and fork.

SIMPLICITY: 6 – Quite difficult to make at home, though you can buy it at the store instead.

You know you’re a gamer when…you’re superstitious about your dice and not much else.

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